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New Generation surprising dance girls

The magic of fairy tales and princesses, like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Ice Fairy, Red Riding Hood and other, fragments are within the National School of Dance "Marcelle Devaux Bonge" ENDANZA, presented on the stage of the Great Hall Efrain Recinos, as part of their school season, the 7 and 8 August.

Pace, multi-colored lights and the music that accompanied the 120 balletistas between 7 a 17 years old, was the perfect setting for girls and young women are lucieran and demonstrate the ability and talent to make the movements performed in ballet.

The seats in the Great Hall were crowded by Efrain Recinos school students, schools and colleges; as the Cooperative Institute for High School May Day, Ponce School of Veliz, French and Spanish American Lyceum, inter alia, that showed joy and excitement for the fragments that were present.

ENDANZA aims at imparting Ballet classes at the following levels: Preparatory, for girls 3 a 15 years to plan and daily sabatino, Classical Dance 8 a 11 years old, Contemporary Dance for students of 12 a 17 years and "Bachelor of Dance Performance specializing in Contemporary and Classical Dance" which is the last stage that girls enrolled.

History of the dance school

A National School of Dance "Marcelle Devaux Bonge", is known by this name because it comes from Colombia to Guatemala in the decade of the 40, Marcele Bonge, for the purpose of opening a dance school. Achieves its goal, organizing three groups: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

After his death, school is named after the founder and initiator of this noble work, Marcelle Bonge Devaux, as a posthumous tribute.

The host school is located in 5th. Street 3-43 area 1. The telephone number for more information is: 22532568.


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