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Archaeological and Anthropological present new publications

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, via the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage, They are publicizing this day, recent scientific publications archeology, anthropology, heritage conservation and the Yearbook of the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Anthropology and History, which are a contribution to the knowledge of Guatemalan heritage.

Publication of Anthropology and History of Guatemala, was created in 1947. The articles were about archaeological discoveries, investigations and restorations, written by national and foreign authors. Initially published biannually and was in the eighties when he emerged with a broader vision and annual.

From the new millennium have included articles of various professionals who provide important insights into the cultural legacy of Guatemalans and the world.

Remembering history, Year 2007, Department of Anthropological Research, Archaeological and Historical taken as responsibility and self-interest remains the yearbook published, thanks to the unconditional collaboration of each and every one of the officials of the Directorate General of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the MCD.

Here the list of works:


-Discovering the Real Burial No. 2 de Tak'alik Ab'aj.

-Results of the Guatemalan-German project in northeastern Petén, Guatemala 1994-2006.

-An analysis of the factors that threaten the Quirigua Archaeological Park, Guatemala.


-The forgotten communities Chixoy: a 30 years of their displacement and struggle.

Heritage Conservation:

-State, Cadastre and Cultural Heritage of Guatemala.

The book entitled New Data for the History of Tikal, Oswaldo Gomez, reflects the results of the work carried out by the author in the Temple I, Temple V and the Plaza of the Seven Temples. The author was more than 20 years in charge of the excavation, research and interpretation of results.

Last, the book "Old or Chuwa Nima'ab'äj Resume, Fortaleza Kaqchikel "Patricia Eagle; gives new contribution to the interpretation and tour of the Archaeological Park, that from July called Chuwa Nima'ab'äj.

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