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Redirect culture

A congress for the revision and updating of cultural policies closed 2013.

The 2013 closed with a hope for culture, members whose authorities concentrated industry ministry with members of the same segment of civil society, to review and rethink cultural policies they face certain errors.

Far from the speeches and promises of improvements, there was dialogue between all , between participants from governmental, civil, intercultural and interethnic, setting positions and showing certain expectations that give space to allow better development of this segment of society.
Also, There were exchanges between experts and members of sectors more widespread than, despite their academic limitations, were able to show what society expects of its leaders in the cultural field.

Now, Tracking commitment will be held by 9 full members, equal number of representatives of tables; and a similar number of alternate, in order to review the document cusp crystallize changes.

Course, this should envisage a guideline that was formulated during the period in which the administration of that office was in charge of Mr. Enrique Matheu, quienw supported by various specialists, fixed operational guidelines to consolidate cultural guidelines left since the beginning of this century by the license Otilia Lux de Coti, who have very fond memories of their management are saved.

The dialogue will open new prospects for securing positions around cultural heritage and its projection through museums and sites: in libraries, archives and documentation centers, in the promotion and development, research and many other problems inherent in the culture, but especially in the linkage between culture should be, recreation and sports, since this is the core part to sustain the sector.

With this hope opens the 2014, with best wishes for this new guideline shake and then finally emerge into a ministry that seems off, but fire will burn all to set a goal for the future.

Licenciado en Historia por la USAC. Maestro y doctor en Historia del Arte por la UNAM. Docente de Usac y Francisco Marroquín. Dirigió el Centro de Estudios Folklóricos, el Departamento de investigaciones de la Escuela de Historia, integró el Consejo Superior de investigaciones  y la DIGI - USAC. Integra el Consejo de Investigaciones de Arte de Guatemala.

Degree in History from the USAC. Master and PhD in Art History at the UNAM. Teachers USAC and Francisco Marroquin. He directed the Center for Folklore Studies, the Research Department of the School of History, he joined the Superior Council of investigations and the DIGI – USAC. Integra Research Council Art Guatemala.

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