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Inauguration of School for the Deaf Games

Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation, Maria Dolores Molina, participated on Tuesday 21 May at the opening of the sixth edition of the School Sports Games for the Deaf JUDESOR 2013, bearing the motto "Racing passion to succeed". The activity was held at the Sports Park with Erick Barrondo the presence of children, youth and adult educational centers Meritorious Committee for the Blind and Deaf Guatemal, with the support of Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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In addition to the authorities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, authorities attended the Department of Physical Education and Sports Confederation of Guatemala Autonomous. The Deputy Minister said: "You are an example of perseverance, courage and positive attitude. Being involved in these games makes them agents of change and our country needs more upstanding citizens ".

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Activity involving hearing-impaired athletes competed in basketball, futsal, escalation, stationary rowing and athletics. Also visually impaired athletes competed in goalball, rowing and athletics. On Wednesday, the athletes will compete in the javelin, bullet, relay races, kid athletics and senior walk. These activities take place in the park and walk Erick Barrondo will in this track recreation center.

juegos especiales

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