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XVII Aniversario Festival Centro Histórico

The Historic Center Festival held 27 March launch and announcement of the XVII Festival, with the participation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports who invites all artists to submit their works to be part of this cultural festival.

The event is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Guatemalan Instituto de Turismo INGUAT; University of San Carlos de GuatemalaUSAC and the Municipality of Guatemala.

The release and convocation began with the presentation of the Wind Orchestra of the Conservatory of Music “Germán Alcantara”, Home Ibargüen. Today Friday at 17:00 hours will be performing The National Symphony Orchestra, in the Auditorium of the Conservatory to continue with presentations and support the Festival MCD.

This year three previous activities were held at Festival, which will be conducting the 5 to the 16 November, Estela Moran said, Development Division of the Arts, which is part of the Directorate General of Arts.

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