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Unveil PA'CH ceremonial

Ensuring the conservation of Guatemalan culture and traditions, the Ministry of Culture and Sports conducted the 20 June, an academic event to publicize and explain the Ceremonial Pa'ch, Mam people's representative picture, combining music, dance and syncretism.


The event was attended by the Guatemalan writer Armando Castanon, that explained the origin of this Ceremonial. Alfonso Arrivillaga also participated with the paper "The Music of the Corn", which refers to the music practiced by the Maya, its instruments and its unique connection with nature.

The Ceremonial Pa'ch, practiced so far in the municipality of San Pedro Sacatepequez, San Marcos. Currently is among the proposals to be included in the UNESCO list of Intangible World Heritage, for its great historical content, artistic and cultural representation has the Mam people in the world.

This ceremony is basically a thank you to "The Grandparents" by creating corn, Maya people's sacred food and also ask their blessing for a good harvest. It is a ceremony that combines music, dance, syncretism and is full of colorful and devotion, practiced by the elders of the people "godfathers and godmothers of Pa'ch".

The Pa'ch, is giving the corn cob, as a signal that the corn harvest will be good. It differs from the other pods because it has two or three heads.

Artemis Diaz, Shecana Fraternity representative of Guatemala, entity interested in the preservation of this tradition San Pedrana, called on the youth of the m


unicipio, to feel proud and identified with his people and not to allow the tradition is lost.



The activity was organized by the Department of Archaeological Research, Anthropological and Historical General Directorate of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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